A history of championing women

The history behind Avon

In 1959, operations began in the UK and today AVON is one of the top 3 beauty brands in the country with a growing share in the UK beauty market.


Avon founded


$9 billion in revnue


Available worldwide

The first Avon Representative, Mrs Albee
AVON's Legacy of Success

The roots of Avon

Can be traced back to 1886, when struggling door-to-door salesman David McConnell made the decision to sell perfumes, rather than books to New York homes.

Known in those days as The California Perfume Company, the business quickly prospered and Mr McConnell appointed his first General Agent, Mrs Albee. At a time before women even had the right to vote, Mrs Albee was instrumental in establishing the unique sales method that continues to be AVON’s hallmark today.

Our founder, David H McConnell

“If we stop and look over the past and then into the future, we can see that the possibilities are growing greater and greater every day; that we have scarcely begun to reach the proper results from the field we have before us.”
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