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By joining our team as an independent AVON Sales Leader or as an independent AVON Representative you are guaranteed our help and support to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

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As an independent AVON Sales Leader you will be recruiting Representatives into your own team with our help and training you will have an unlimited earning opportunity.

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Becoming an independent AVON Representative offers you the opportunity to work part-time or full-time from anywhere in the U.K either as a representative or sales leader, so as to build the business you want, whether it’s to gain some extra cash or to expand into creating a new career. The choice is yours!
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Collette & Daniel Stenson
Avon has completely transformed our lives. Since joining in 2009 and building teams since 2014; we’ve gone from struggling to make ends meet and worrying about every bill, to being able to take our family on 5-star holidays and cruises, and buying high end cars.

Avon pays all our bills and for all our luxuries too!
Collette & Daniel Stenson
Independent Executive Sales Leaders from Blackrod, Bolton
Lesa Dalton Independent Executive Sales Leader from Bredbury, Stockport
I joined Avon in 2018 after my husband passed away leaving me as a single parent. I had to claim full benefits but my goal with Avon was to get off benefits and make Avon a full-time business.

In 2022 I succeeded in this! My earnings are so much better now with Avon than they were as a full-time dental nurse! Avon has helped me so much in other ways, for example I have qualified for many holidays and I got my latest car with the help of Avon.
Lesa Dalton
Independent Executive Sales Leader from Bredbury, Stockport
Sue Honey aged 65 from Greater Manchester
I became a Sales Leader in June 2019 and have slowly built a team of approximately 100 reps who I enjoy helping and supporting.

Avon has allowed me to stop going out to work and I can happily work the hours that suit me, working from home plus all of my customers have become good friends over the years so I also enjoy a good social life.
Sue Honey
Avon Sales Leader from Greater Manchester
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