“Avon now earns us money on a flexible, part-time basis which enables us to live comfortably as opposed to watching every penny.

It can be hard work building up a customer base, however the products sell themselves and we’ve got to know some lovely people who value the service we provide.”

Joanne & Jim Brindley, Dukinfield, Cheshire

“I love the flexibility of AVON – you can put in as many or as few hours as you have spare (I work full-time as well). Obviously the more you put in the more you can make.

My commission pays for Christmas, an annual holiday and a couple of trips to Scotland to see me family each year.”

Teresa Shipley, Southend-on-Sea
“Running Avon takes as much or as little effort as you want to put into it – in my case I just want to provide a personal service to my small but loyal band of customers.

I make commission of about £20 -£30 each campaign, which is being saved towards a holiday later next year.”

Angela Sandles Magor, Monmouthshire
“Avon is now my full-time position and I love the flexibility of being my own boss.

We are planning for Danny to be working full time with me in the next 12 months and building both of our teams even more.

Avon has transformed both of our lives and we could not imagine doing anything else now!”

Collette & Danny Stenson, Independent AVON Sales Leaders from Blackrod, Bolton
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“For me Avon has given me a future.

I have some way to go but I know I will make it and accomplish the things I am aiming to accomplish, which is repair my house then go on several holidays and of course all that shopping that us girls love to do.”

Ajit Rayet, Independent AVON Sales Leader from Bilston
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“As we grow, month by month, we see Nadine and Wayne providing the same level of support to new Sales Leaders and to those who are far more established teams than ours.

By following their advice through 2016 our team size increased by 144% in 2016 and group sales by a massive 285%!”

Evelyn & Reg Halsall, Independent AVON Sales Leaders from Swindon
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“Since starting as a Sales Leaders we are in a much better financial position than we have ever been.

We have had 2 foreign holidays a year for the last 4 years, Christmas is always paid for at the time so we don’t go into the New Year with Christmas Debt.

We haven’t looked back since joining AVON.”

Jackie Jones, Independent AVON Sales Leader from Beddau, Pontypridd
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“Leaving my part time job to become an Avon sales leader was the best thing I ever did. I can now work from home around my 6 year old son going to school.

I am already earning more money than I was working part time and it can only get better as I continue to build my team.”

Sarah Thorley, Independent AVON Sales Leader from Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire
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“I love my current job working with children but I would not be able to afford to do so without the additional money that I get as an Avon Sales Leader.

I would not be as successful as a Sales Leader without the on going support from Nadine.”

Michelle Martin, Independent Sales Leader from Stafford
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There has never been a better time to join Avon
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