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Sales Leader Testimonials

As an independent AVON Sales Leader , would you like to get paid eighteen times per year instead of the twelve times you would get paid in a conventional job?

Michelle Martin

I have been an Avon Representative and Sales Leader since 2011 . I was appointed by Nadine Rowlands and as a member of her team I have been fortunate to have her support to help me grow my own team and to advance within Sales Leadership. I currently have a  team of around 60 to 70 representatives.  Before I became an Avon Sales Leader I worked in a senior position in a local Council and the hours were long and the pressure quite stressful. I wanted to take redundancy and look for something that would give me a better quality of life. I have taken a job as a Teaching Assistant supporting children with special needs. The job is very rewarding and I work less hours than before. The pay is less but together with the money I earn from Avon I now earn more than I did whilst working in local government.   I love my current job working with children but I would not be able to afford to do so without the additional money that I get as an Avon Sales Leader. I would not be as successful as a Sales Leader without the on going support from Nadine.

Michelle Martin Stafford
Ajit Rayet

Avon has been a fantastic opportunity for me.  I saw Debbie Davies on GMTV in 2009 and thought ‘wow, if she can do it, I am sure I can. And that’s why I started Avon. At the beginning it was hard, but since being made redundant in January 2013 I have taken on the challenge of building my Avon business and have seen real growth.  I know Avon is the only thing where I can earn what I want and it’s not difficult at all.  Once you understand how it works, you just continue to do the same like the song eat, sleep, rave, repeat.  Avon follows the same process, prospect, appoint, train, repeat.  You do that enough times and before you know it – you have a business paying you a full time wage. For me Avon has given me a future, I have some way to go but I know I will make it and accomplish the things I am aiming to accomplish, which is repair my house/drive/extension/conservatory, then holidays and of course all that shopping that girls love to do.  Really puts a smile on my face, knowing there is a system I can work and get what I want according to the work I put in.

Ajit Rayet Bilston
Linda Harrington

We became Independent Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders in Sept/Oct 2010. We decided to try Sales Leadership as I (Linda) had read articles relating to MLM and network marketing and it seemed the way forward, especially as Avon offered this self-employed opportunity with no initial outlay. I wanted to leave my paid employment due to stress and working long hours (including unpaid hours!). I had tried MLM with another well known company but just couldn’t get my business off the ground, however, as Avon is globally one of the largest Direct selling Companies, my thoughts were “how could Kev and I not be successful?” We were determined to get our business moving forward as we could see the potential that Avon offered. Our earnings as Sales Leaders in our first campaign (3 weeks) was £36 - not a lot of money but it was our first campaign. However, after 8 campaigns we had reached a respectable £600 every 3 weeks, just by adding people into our team! We achieved this with the help and support of our upline sales leader, Wayne Rowlands and his wife Nadine who are now our best friends. We progressed steadily and were both able to leave our jobs which allowed us to build our business full time. We have thus far thoroughly enjoyed our Avon journey, making lots of friends and acquaintances along the way. We have qualified for short breaks with Avon and other bonuses and incentives. We enjoy holidays abroad, knowing that we will still get paid even though we aren’t actively working. We can take time off when we want without asking anyone. We are enjoying what we do even after more than 4 years. Our earnings have grown by at least £11K a year despite starting our Avon business in the recession. We are both extremely excited about this opportunity and realise that Avon was the best thing that happened to us. Avon has given us our life back enabling us to enjoy our jobs as Independent Sales Leaders living a very reasonable way of life after only 4 years of being self employed. Thank you Avon for this wonderful opportunity x

Linda Harrington & Kevin Benson Caldicot
Lynda Pratt

I first met Nadine and Wayne Rowlands at an Avon Recognition Meeting in 2012. What immediately struck me was not only that they are very successful Avon Sales Leaders but they are genuinely friendly and offer support and advice whether you are in their team or not. It was at this time I realised that I would benefit from joining a large successful team within Avon to help me achieve my dreams and goals. This meant leaving Avon and re-joining after 8 campaigns. After much research I decided to join Nadine and Wayne’s team. It’s possibly one of the best decisions I had ever made! Within 2 campaigns I qualified as a Co-ordinator within the Advanced Leadership programme. I now have a team of 12 which I am building on all the time. The bonuses on offer through Advanced Leadership are brilliant – within my first year I can earn up to £4,000 in bonuses alone and with Nadine and Wayne’s help and support I am confident that this will be achieved. Avon has given me the opportunity of building my own business, to earn money and to make some great friends – life is fun again!

Lynda Pratt Broadbottom