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Nadine & Wayne Rowlands’ AVON Story

Nadine & Wayne Rowlands’ AVON Story

Nadine & Wayne Rowlands Sales Leaders for Avon Cosmetics

We joined AVON as Sales Leaders in August 2005 around our then full-time jobs. Wayne worked as an Engineer and Nadine was a Legal Secretary. We started because we desperately needed to earn some extra money…. and so our AVON journey began.

Although it was challenging working our AVON business around our full-time jobs it paid off - after 3 years Wayne left his full-time job and 2 years later Nadine left her full-time job and since January 2011 have worked together building our AVON business and helping our team of representatives and sales leaders to grow their AVON businesses too.

We are both currently at Executive level and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help our team members. During the time we have been doing AVON we have qualified for incentives which AVON run. For instance, we have qualified for trips to Prague, Majorca, Monte Carlo, Berlin, Malta, Rome, Marrakesh, New York and Seville.

We have been qualified for cars with AVON since 2012 - the first one being Astra GTC then in 2014 we changed that for a Mazda 6 and in 2016 we qualified for our current car, a Jaguar XF.

AVON has changed our lives dramatically. We were in lots of debt when we joined and struggling to make ends meet. Our hard work has paid off and now we are able to work together - we choose our own hours, don’t have to ask for holidays and have the freedom and independence of running our own business with the backing and support from such a wonderful company as #AVON.

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Nadine & Wayne Rowlands, Independent AVON Sales Leaders from Greater Manchester